the fuckboys talkin about “islam granted you for rights there’s no need for feminism” are the same fuckboys who tell you that your facebook profile creates fitnah and is out here counting his 4 imaginary wives on a busboy’s salary 

did i just read some trash tweet sayin that feminisn is  ”cadaan mentality” 

sis plz 






Who is Langston Hughes and why does he only photograph hijabis?

Y’all are fake for not answering this

You mean Hues. Langston Hughes was a writer and activist.

Oh my bad!!!!! Who’s Langston hues and why does he only photograph hijabis

Why is his name a bootleg version ?

he’s a muslim convert, no? he’s doing a worldwide modest fashion lookbook

(via queeniman)

khaledcantfly said: hmmn ill have to think on it. how about i write an article and if you guys are cool with it we can go from there?

yeah that sounds good lemme know what you wanna write about 

sikoot said: been together for *checks watched* mmm around six minutes now! n we honeymooned in paris ugh so basic but it’s cause we r just a modest young middle class couple and cant afford better than paris :/ and i addopted four little gremlins

how many ethnicities you got between the two of you? dont tell me if it’s under 16! 

sikoot answered: ya do i have to be married married or samira cortez married?

samira cortez married is ok too how long have u and ur imaginary husband been together sis? where’d u honeymoon? how many siblings u adopt?